Arex Life Sciences, L.L.C., based in Boston, Massachusetts develops and manufactures patented process-control diagnostics in the field of reproductive science. Privately held, we hold an issued patent on fertility improvement focusing on the male reproductive system. Our work is bringing exciting new advances to the field.

Clinically we offer our product as an assay to use as both a diagnostic tool and as a process control treatment preparing sperm for insemination. Our discoveries identify previously undiagnosed male fertility issues and assist clinicians in providing better outcomes to consumers.

Our research base began in large animal reproduction and we continue to offer a series of process control diagnostics for commercial solutions in domestic livestock. These optimize sperm state to improve fertility in a timely and cost effective manner.

Reproduction: it’s the first fundamental step in the continuation of our human family. The many factors that must synchronize for successful conception are often under appreciated by potential parents. Pregnancy occurs without difficulty for many; but for many others help is needed from science.

Female reproductive factors traditionally are the focal point when conception faces challenges. Unfortunately the advances in this area have not resolved all infertility complications.

Our work brings better outcomes when infertility diagnoses stem from male reproductive limitations. Today’s research shows 40% of infertility is of unknown origin. Through our innovative approach we are proud to be increasing fertility rates and helping create new families.